Unique double neck hanger applied at 400 products per minute

The double neck hanger provides 2 sides for product promotion, facilitating brand identity enhancement, providing vouchers and offers for a company and its products, gives information on product use and could even provide prizes and scratch cards. It promotes directly on the product in a compact and easy to read format, so making an impact.

It is applied inline with a versatile labelling head that can be positioned alongside any production line matching line speeds and efficiency with no production downtime.

The neck hangers are laminated and printed in four colours ensuring a vibrant and eye-catching finish, the size matching the shape and size of any bottle.

Markets are becoming more competitive, that means the demands on opportunity based product management and marketing are increasing. The visual appearance of a brand reflects its quality and content, attractive promotions can distinguish between similar products.

Consumer surveys show that a relatively low proportion of purchase decisions are finalised before entering a shop. They can be influenced by in store and on pack promotional material. Brand loyalty can be challenged.

The use of promotional neck hangers attracts much greater attention to products at the point of sale. Prize games in particular generate significant target group focus success rates, especially for the younger generation which is familiar with the internet and mobile phones.

SMS prize games now offer attractive identification samples with which a broad range of consumers can be reached and top contact rates achieved. The link between the media preferences of the target group and attractive trendy prize opportunities creates a high activation potential. The response which is triggered automatically generates a repeated brand presence on the customer’s mobile phone and so enhances customer loyalty by fixing attention constantly on the brand. Depending on the campaign design, further effects and customer contacts can be added later and a dialogue even opened with the customer.

Purchases for the consumer are often influenced by price, the neck hanger provides a cost effective investment for a company who want to increase the volume of sales for their brands.

Labelnet can produce a range of neck hangers for bottles in variety of sizes, shapes and materials, able to accommodate complexities of design and function.