Promotional Labels That Leap Off The Shelves

6 Labelling Tips For Supermarket Success

How to create an effective promotional label that stands out from the crowd and helps you win new customers.

In order for your product to succeed on the competitive supermarket shelves it needs to stand out from the competition. And with a third of consumers basing their purchasing decisions on packaging alone, your promotional label plays a crucial role in attracting potential customers to your product. Here are some of our top tips for creating an effective label that really gets results.

Target Your Audience

In order to create a promotional label that appeals to customers, it’s important to understand your target audience. Understand your ideal customer: How old are they? What gender are they? What’s their economic status? What will motivate them to buy your product? Feed these insights into the design process. Also, think carefully about what message you want to convey to potential customers, and ensure this message is carried through in your packaging.

Understand Colour

Colour can play a key role in helping your product to stand out on the shelves. Bright colours are of course more effective than muted shades at drawing attention, but there are also other factors that you need to consider. First and foremost, the colours you use on your promotional label should be consistent with your company and product branding, otherwise you risk causing confusion and diluting your brand. It’s also worth paying attention to colour psychology – think about how certain colours make people feel, what associations they have, and how you can use them to convey a certain scent, flavour or ingredient.

Promotions and Special Offers

Shoppers love a bargain so using your product label to highlight a promotion, discount or other special offer can be a really effective tactic to draw customers to your product. By giving customers the opportunity to save money or win a prize you can encourage them to choose your product over that of a competitor.

Highlight Your Selling Points

To differentiate your product from the competition, it’s essential to highlight its unique selling points. Is your product low fat or gluten free? Maybe it has environmental or sociological credentials such as Fairtrade certification. Or perhaps it has just won an industry award. Whatever your product’s selling points, use your promotional label to highlight these to potential customers.

Think Creatively

To really make your promotional label stand out from the crowd, it pays to think creatively. Grab shoppers’ attention and bring special offers to life with 3D packaging solutions such as hang tags or neck labels. If your company or product has an interesting back-story, why not use your label to communicate this to shoppers? It can really help to draw customers in and encourage them to engage with your brand.

Keep It Simple

Supermarket shoppers are often in a hurry so your label needs to grab and keep their attention in the shortest possible time. People don’t have time to make sense of a cluttered or confused label, so make sure that yours is kept clear and simple. Avoid using too much text, or fonts that are difficult to read. Images are a great way to communicate with customers, but avoid using too many on one label. Stick with one eye-catching image and ensure there is a good balance between text and visuals.

Stuck for inspiration? Why not check out what your competitors are doing? This will give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t, and you can even adapt some of their better ideas to use yourself. As well as your competitors, it also pays to look at the promotional labels of products in completely different categories to yours. After all, inspiration can strike in the most unlikely of places!

As a promotional label supplier, we are experienced in designing and producing effective promotional labels for a range of products and sectors. So contact us today to find out how we can help you to create a label that leaps of the shelves and helps you to boost sales.