Our Product Marketing Label Predictions For 2018

What Does The Future Hold For Label Design?

If you’re planning to create or update your label design in 2018, then you’re in luck. Check out these exciting developments in label technology.

2017 has been an exciting year in the world of labelling technology. Consumer behaviour is now better understood, thanks to innovations such as big data and marketing intelligence software. The brands that succeed are those that take these customer psychology insights and deliver striking and persuasive promotional labels or packaging that appeals to the target audience.

Recent transformations in label technology are making it much easier to achieve those precise requirements and the pace of development shows no signs of slowing down. Here are some predictions as to what you can expect to see in the marketing label industry in 2018.

Continued Move Towards Sustainability

As the world heats up, companies across a wide range of industries are understanding their responsibility in becoming environmentally-friendly. The benefits of being so, stretch further than protecting the planet, but also help to attract both an eco-conscious workforce and customers. Millennials in particular are known to consider sustainability a shopping priority with 3 out of 4 respondents in a Nielsen global study claiming that they’re willing to pay extra for environmentally-friendly items.

Labelling is an area of production which can make great strides in the manufacture of a sustainable product line. Adhesive suppliers are gradually making the switch away from synthetic polymer towards all-natural or at least recyclable alternatives. This is expected to gain pace throughout 2018. Currently only around 5-7% of liner is recycled during the labelling process, but this should progress to around 10% over the next twelve months.

Widespread Personalised Campaigns

One of the most effective marketing label campaigns of 2017 was that of Nestle’s KitKat. Winners were able to upload their own photos and add customised ‘Break Messages’ in order to have their own four-finger KitKat with personal wrapper printed. Thanks to social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, this marketing strategy was enormously successful and around 56,000 wrappers were individually created.

It is likely that other brands will note the popularity of this incentive and will jump on the bandwagon by running their own personalisation campaigns throughout 2018.

Minimalism Is Back

As far as actual label design goes, minimalism is making an impact at the moment, particularly in the health and beauty industries. Brands are demanding a bold, yet stripped-back label that uses few or no graphic images and concentrates solely on text, using a simple colour palette. Of course, label manufacturers must be able to prove that they can deliver colour uniformity if they want to achieve the consistency of such a simple design across all product lines and marketing materials.

LED UV Printing

This technology has taken the industry by storm in recent years, and there’s every reason to believe that the future is LED UV. Why? Because not only is it kind to the environment, but it is also an efficient process that strips about 40% of time off a typical print job. LED UV also creates a sharp and defined finish with a rich set of colours, even when printing on uncoated stock.

If you’re looking to update your labels in 2018, then you’ve chosen an exciting and innovative year to do so. Chat to use about your requirements and we look forward to the transformation your new labels will give to your marketing campaign.