Magnifier Labels Allow Consumers to Read Smaller Print

Labelling Innovation Will Mean Everyone Can Read the Small Print

More detailed labelling information means smaller print. But a clever new technology will help it stay crystal clear, however good or bad your vision.

On food, drink, pharmaceuticals and all manner of other consumer products, we are being bombarded with more information than ever before. Health information, care instructions, batch numbers, ingredients – there is seemingly no end to the information that needs to be printed on a label.

As the information gets more detailed and the packaging gets reduced, something has to give. And increasingly, the compromise has been the ability for those with less than perfect vision to actually read all that carefully provided information. But the latest innovation in custom labels has come up with a solution that will consign all the squinting and holding things up to the light to the pages of history.

Magnifier labels

IC Optix is a Philadelphia-based company that develops innovative solutions for those with visual impairments. It holds a number of patents, and uses cutting-edge technology to integrate its products directly into product packaging.

Last July, the company conducted its first successful trial of the magnifier label, a packaging solution that makes it easy for consumers to read even the smallest fonts on product packaging.


It does not take too much imagination to see how useful this kind of product could be. IC Optix believes take up would be rapid, and has particularly identified the following key segments in which magnifier labels would deliver significant benefits:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices
  • Personal Care Products
  • Food and Beverages

Benefits of magnifier labels

Anyone who has stood squinting at a food label in their local supermarket will need no explanation as to the benefits this innovation could bring. However, it goes beyond mere convenience.

Within the pharmaceutical sector, the ability to clearly read a label can have health and even life-changing implications. Misuse of medical products by people taking them either in the wrong quantity or the wrong way lead to literally millions of adverse consequences every year. Compliance with the appropriate usage instructions is of fundamental importance and improving the clarity of labelling by making the print easier to read can only be beneficial.

The way in which pharmaceuticals are packaged, and the fact that the bottles, ampoules or vials are usually so small has always presented a challenge to those in the labelling industry. Typically, the solution has been to supply supplementary information on a separate piece of paper, which is often ignored, discarded or lost.

Increased marketing potential

As if convenience and improved public safety were not reasons enough to embrace this new technology, there is a third benefit for manufacturers and sellers. Using magnifier labels in packaging could prove to be a highly effective marketing tool, particularly for those early adopters who can fully leverage the novelty factor.

This gives the potential for the labels to be used across an even broader range of industries, for example in personal care and automotive products to name but two.

Magnifier labels are still at the development stage, but expect to see them appearing on a shelf near you sooner rather than later.