Look what’s about to arrive!

Here at Labelnet, we feel that in order to remain one of the leading manufacturer of labels, tickets and tags in the UK, we continually need to invest in new production machinery to expand our product offering and improve our internal processes. Any day now, we are delighted to be taking delivery of an Edale FL-3 eight colour, full UV packaging and label press.


Edale are based in the UK and specialise in making narrow web printing presses and converting machinery. The Edale FL-3 press is cutting edge technologically and ultra efficient – we will greatly improve our production lead times and machinery downtime, therefore offering the best possible service to our customers. The FL-3 has a job recall feature and unique job set up and this will allow us to increase productivity without compromising on the quality of our end product.

We have also chosen to purchase an additional 100% web inspection system, which will automatically check that every single label produced is the highest possible quality.

We already have an extensive array of products, but with this innovative new press, we will be able to produce one of the most comprehensive product ranges in the UK.

As you can imagine, life in our production facility at Labelnet is about to get very much better!