Lidl Urgently Recalls Products With Non-English Labels Over Health Risk

Lack of Clarity Could be a Risk to Allergy Sufferers

Lidl has put out a recall notice for items in its range of deluxe hot chocolate drinks, following concerns over labelling.

Bargain supermarket chain Lidl is recalling four products in its “deluxe hot chocolate” line, due to shortcomings in the labelling. The concern is that the lack of a clearly legible list of ingredients in the English language could pose an unacceptable level of risk to consumers with nut allergies.

Government guidelines state that food products must indicate all their ingredients on the printed labels, along with specific information relating to allergens, which should be in a different colour, style or font. Lidl clearly felt that the labelling on its Deluxe Chocolate Drinking Stick fell well short of this standard, as the ingredient list is not given in English.

Which products are involved?

The recall applies to the following four product lines:

  • Lidl Fine Dark Chocolate Deluxe Drinking Chocolate Sticks
  • Lidl Fine Hazelnut Deluxe Drinking Chocolate Sticks
  • Lidl Fine Chocolate Drinking Sticks With Speculoos
  • Lidl Deluxe Drinking Chocolate Sticks With Fine White Chocolate

It would appear that the defective products were only available for sale in Lidl’s Irish outlets, and the recall has not been extended into the England, Wales and Scotland.

The supermarket has stressed that there is nothing harmful in the products themselves, and it is only the labelling that is at fault.

A spokesman for Lidl said: “These products may be a risk to consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of cereals containing gluten, milk, soybeans and nuts or their constituents.”

The company has confirmed that anyone who has bought the above products can return them to any Lidl store for a full refund, without the need for a receipt.

Advice for consumers

If you have purchased any of the above products, they only pose a health risk to those with an allergy to soya, nuts, milk, wheat or gluten. If this applies to you, the advice is not to consume the products, but to return them for a refund.

If you do not suffer from any of these allergies, there is no other risk attached to the products, and it is safe to consume them.

Alesto Snacking Pockets

The drinking chocolate is not the only product to be recalled due to labelling problems. Lidl has also issued a recall notice for its Alesto Snacking Pockets for exactly the same reason. In this case, the lack of labelling in English means that those with nut allergies or a sensitivity to sulphites could be at risk.

The recall notice applies to three varieties of Alesto Snacking Pockets:

  • Summertime strawberry and nut
  • Crunchy seed and nut
  • Golden fruit and nut

Again, the recall is purely in relation to the labelling and not to any defect in the food products themselves. Other varieties of snacking pockets sold in Lidl are said to be unaffected, and are not subject to the product recall.