Lidl, Morrisons and Tesco Issue Product Recall Following Label Error

Allergy Risk for Thousands of Supermarket Customers

Leading supermarkets have urged customers to check their cupboards after incorrectly labelled products found their way onto the shelves.

A product recall is one of the biggest nightmares for a major company. It means costs, time, adverse publicity and, in the worst case, the potential for lawsuits if the product subject to the recall causes illness or injury to a customer.

This, however, is the situation being faced by the nation’s biggest supermarkets following labelling blunders on a whole range of products. In most cases, the problem lies with promotional labels that failed to mention certain ingredients and allergens that are present. However, a range of pet foods have been recalled due to the risk that if used over extended periods, they could cause illness to your pet. Here is a store by store rundown of what is being recalled and by whom.

Aunt Bessie Croquettes from Lidl

Budget supermarket Lidl has ordered a recall of its Aunt Bessie potato croquettes. The problem here is that the potato balls may contain eggs, a fact omitted from the product labelling. As is the case with the salad dressing, this is only a problem for those with egg allergies. If it applies to you, take the products back to the store where you bought them to receive a full refund.

Sainsbury’s pet pouches

If you have bought your beloved dog or cat Sainsbury’s own brand 100g pet pouches, you might need to return them for a refund. The supermarket has confirmed that some batches contain excessive quantities of Vitamin D. As a one-off, there is no risk to your pet, but over long periods, too much Vitamin D could have adverse health implications.

Full details of the products affected are available here on Sainsbury’s website.

Tesco ready meals

Two products from Tesco’s Hearty Good ready meal range have been recalled due to labelling errors. The products affected are the cottage pie and the sausage and mash. In both cases, the products contain allergens that are not disclosed on the label.

Another Tesco product, BOL Caribbean Jerk Curry has been recalled for the same reason, while one batch of Mary Berry salad dressing (batch number L7361) has been recalled because the label failed to disclose that it might contain eggs.

Of course, these recalls are only of concern for consumers who have allergies, and they only apply to certain batches – further detailed information regarding each of these recalls is available on the Tesco recalls page.

The incorrectly labelled Mary Berry salad dressing might also have found its way onto the shelves of other supermarkets, so if you have purchased it from anywhere, keep a look out for that batch number of L7361.

Asda Venison Burgers

Finally, anyone who has bought Asda venison burgers for their barbecue this weekend should consider returning them. The products could pose a risk to those with an allergy to wheat, soya or gluten, or with sensitivity to sulphites or sulphur dioxide.