Wineglass Labels and Ribbon Printing

Wineglass labels are a great labeling solution for products that are sold in netted bags – this tends to be small fresh produce like satsumas, onions, and garlic but are often used for bagging wrapped individual portions of cheese or confectionery.

Wineglass Labels are a cost effective way to brand a product, without the need for expensive packaging.  They enable you to include key information about your product in a simple but eye catching way and are easily affixed to the net using a very small metal clip.

Wineglass labels can be printed on both sides and in a wide variety of different materials that are highly durable and resistant to tearing and moisture.  These can be any shape or size and designed exactly to suit your own needs.  The front is often used to communicate the main product information and the reverse can be designed to enable you to easily overprint variable information about the product.  Multi-layer/peelable designs are an excellent  solution if you would like to get a lot of information onto a very small tag.

A similar product is a printed band of ribbon that you often see looped round a netted punnet of fruit.  These bands are another way to brand your product and are an effective way to highlight special offers and promotions.

Labelnet are a major supplier to some of the UK’s biggest producers of fresh goods.  Our Wineglass labels and printed ribbons can be produced in up to 8 colours.  Please give us a call and one of our team will be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements.