The overall look of the label you eventually put on your pet product is of the utmost importance, but in order for the design to reach its full potential, the label itself must be printed to the highest quality possible. The material and adhesive must be suitable for the label application and the printing technique needs to ensure the artwork is represented as accurately as can be.

The desire to supply labels that exceed our customers’ expectations is at the forefront of our organisation.

Labelnet supplies several companies who specialise in pet food and pet products. Over the years we have developed labels with many different innovative features, including:

  • Colour: CMYK printing in conjunction with Pantone specials produces photo-style images with clean texts and borders
  • Finish: Whether you want your pet food labels to be printed with a matt or gloss finish, it’s all possible. We can also use spot varnishing to highlight text or images
  • Adhesive: We supply pet product labels in a variety of adhesive styles. Our re-sealable labels allow the user to ensure the continuing freshness of the product, while our removable labels are designed for direct placement on the product. Permanent adhesives are commonly applied to the outer packaging of a product
  • Reverse Printing: We can print on the adhesive itself, a great technique that’s often used when labelling a clear product with more information
  • Barcode & QR Printing: Helping with distribution and easy integration into any sales system
  • Promotional Labels: We offer booklet integration for promotional packs

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