The importance of packaging design and quality of appearance is critical in the competitive market of household and cleaning products.

The team at Labelnet are industry experts and understand the importance of developing the right combination of adhesive and material to ensure that our household product labels are branded with a quality durable finish. Our unique combination of print expertise and adhesive material knowledge ensures that Labelnet remains the leader in the label and packaging industry. We are also able to offer multi-layer labels in order to convey secondary information on the product.

Household and cleaning products are a common sight in our supermarkets and are used by millions of people around the country every day. However, seemingly innocent bottles of polish, bleaches, carpet cleaners and bathroom cleaners may contain a range of harmful chemicals, so it is essential to ensure household products are clearly labelled with all the relevant safety information. Labelnet recognises how vital this is in ensuring the safe and appropriate operation of household products. We guarantee our clients will receive high-quality, resilient and long-lasting labels each and every time they place an order with us.

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