Labels Give Your Products A Unique Identity


The Importance Of Quality Label Design

Labels are vital to creating a strong brand image for your products. Choose a label printer that has quality control at the heart of its manufacturing process.

Very few industries in the world are made up of a single company with no rivals. Therefore it is vital that your brand stands out from the crowd in order to gain the attention and engagement of your target market. Labels are the best way to do this. A strong brand image on labels and packaging can convey the message and personality of your company ethos. This can help to sway a consumer into choosing your range of products over those on the next shelf.

Choosing A Unique Label

A quality label is made up of a variety of key elements. The colour, logo and image which are presented on your label are integral to the success of your brand identity. Colours, for instance, help a product line stand out from the shelves in a retail environment. They are one of the main ways in which existing or potential customers remember a product, even if they have forgotten its brand name.

However, the type of label that you choose also speaks volumes about your company. You could choose a clear label which works well for brands that are trying to achieve a simple and minimalist look. Alternatively a ‘peel and reveal’ label will let a consumer know that you have much more information that you’d like to share with them.

Brands also need to think carefully about the wording used on a label. Some industries such as food and drink will have clearly defined regulations that you will need to follow when designing your labels. The type of message you put across on your labelling will also make a huge statement about your brand identity. If your product is trying to appeal to a young and trendy audience, then marketers might want to use casual and informal language, whilst a brand that is bred from traditional roots might prefer to use a more classical tone.

The Unique Approach To Label Printing

When considering where to have your labels created, it is essential to choose a quality label printer that will focus on the individual needs and requirements of each customer.

Labelnet uses a tailor-made management system, CERM, to completely eradicate the possibility of human error. After providing a sales quote to a customer, we will then begin a chain that allows us to track the entire label print process from the raw materials, through to delivery at the manufacturers and ending at the individual reel of labels. Our system is able to pinpoint each stage of the process and can assure customers that they fully understand and respect the source and origins of their printed labels.

During the five years that we have followed this approach to quality control, our customers have been given complete peace of mind that we value their order and are aware of all the different components that make up their labelling products.

Big brands have always been aware of the importance of choosing the right labels in order to engage with customers and create a compelling image. However, even companies with smaller budgets can gain an advantage in the marketplace by investing in a label that is beneficial for their brand and product range.