Introducing Labelnet Multi-Layer Labels

Multi-Layer Labels, Putting You In Charge Of The Message You Send

With concerns over excess materials harming the environment and better production methods both bringing about ever smaller packaging, sufficient labelling has become somewhat of a challenge. Add to these problems the fact that public demand is constantly growing for more and more information to be included on the likes of food and drug packaging and you have an issue that requires an innovative approach to find a solution.

Thankfully, that’s exactly what we have used to come up with the answer to all of the above problems and more. Our Peel and Reveal labelling allows you to fit the maximum amount of information into even the smallest of spaces.

High Quality Labelling For Your High Quality Products

Our peel-able labels reveal multiple layers that can all be printed upon with valuable information and brand awareness messages. Industries such as food and pharmaceuticals are constantly being subjected to new legislation with regard to the information that products must provide the consumer; multi-layer labelling allows you to remain compliant without compromising the design aesthetics of your product.

Take the upcoming changes to the Food Information Regulations (FIR) by way of an example. From December 2016, all food manufacturers must include more comprehensive nutritional information on their pre-packed food than is currently required. Changes such as this are expected to rise as consumer demand increases for more transparency and provenance with regard to the food they eat.

Multi-Layers For Multiple Uses

With Peel and Reveal you can do so much more than you were previously able to with a standard labelling system. Now you can:

• Add a second language to your product without the worry of taking up valuable printing space, increasing the reach of your product.
• Make your message far more legible by increasing font sizes and including images and diagrams.
• Use the labelling for marketing purposes such as money off vouchers and collectable tokens.
• Include enhanced dietary guidelines and information on your product (something that is becoming increasingly called for by the public).
• Double or even treble the amount of printable space that each of your products has, helping you keep your customers informed.
• Present alternative ways in which your product can be used that will increase sales, such as various cooking instruction or recipe guides.

Quality Printing Options At A Lower Cost

As you would expect from one of our products, the options available to you in terms of printing are vast. All of our multi-layer, Peel and Reveal labels can be printed in eight colours, allowing you to present your offers or information in a way that fits perfectly with your existing brand image. In addition, you’ll also be able to save money on your labelling requirements too, as having the ability to include all of the relevant information on one multi-layer label will be more cost-effective than a series of individual labels.

Using our own state of the art Edale FL3 printing press means that we can achieve levels of print quality that will give you the opportunity to include images on your multi-layer labels, as well as the all-important text. This means that the uses of these labels expands into areas that would previously have been out of reach, giving you the opportunity to get creative with how you approach your labelling in the future.

So, there you have it. If you’re pushed for space, Labelnet has the answer.