Good Packaging Is Still Key To Product Success

Why It’s So Important To Get Your Product Packaging Right

Good quality, well-designed product labels and packaging can help your product to stand out from the competition on the crowded supermarket shelves.

When it comes to making purchasing products, there are several factors that can influence our decisions – recommendations from friends, online reviews, clever advertising or PR campaigns, social media, and of course our own personal tastes. But, even in these hi-tech times, a large part of a product’s success still relies upon its packaging, with over 70% of purchasing decisions being made at the point of sale.

There are a number of reasons why getting a product’s packaging right is so important.

Stand out from the crowd

These days there is a huge amount of competition on supermarket shelves with hundreds of brands vying for shoppers’ attention. In this ferociously competitive environment, it’s vital that your product stands out from the crowd. You can do this in a number of ways, including using brightly coloured packaging, having a product label with an unusual design, or even playing around with the shape and format of your packaging – as Captain Morgan’s did recently with its cannon ball-shaped container for its Cannon Blast product. These can all help to make your product more eye-catching, making it more likely that it will be noticed and selected by customers.

Communicating with the consumer

Your packaging also plays an essential role in communicating key information about your product. For example, does your product contain a special or unusual ingredient? Is it free from a particular allergen such as gluten? Is it organic? Is there a special promotion on this product? Is it endorsed by a celebrity? The right packaging can communicate these details clearly and effectively, enabling customers to make a quick decision that your product is the right one for them.

Brand values

The right packaging can help to communicate your brand values to potential customers, so before you finalise your design, it’s important to think about what the packaging says about your brand and your product. Think about whether it fits with your brand values and key messages, and whether it is likely to appeal to your target customer base.

And don’t forget about the quality of your packaging. First impressions count in most walks of life, and the supermarket aisle is no different. A good quality, perfectly-applied product label will help to make a good impression on prospective customers and will reflect well on your brand. Needless to say, poor quality packaging will do directly the opposite, so it’s important to get it right.

Good packaging is also key to brand recognition. Product labels that use your brand colours and place your logo in a prominent position will help people to remember and recognise your product, enabling them to easily pick it out next time they visit the store. This familiarity will also help you to become a trusted brand – after all, there’s a reason why big brands such as Coke have made minimal changes to their labels over the years.

From conveying brand values to standing out from the competition, product packaging is all about communicating key attributes and maximising shelf appeal. And with a third of consumers basing their purchasing decisions solely on a product’s packaging, paying close attention to this area of your business can really pay dividends in the long run.