France Makes Country Of Origin Mandatory On Meat and Dairy Labels

made in franceWhat These New Rules Could Mean For You

With France introducing new labelling regulations for ready meals, it’s vital that you keep on top of laws in different countries.

If you’re producing products to sell in Europe, then it’s important to keep on top of the latest rules and regulations. We’re only just into 2017, but changes are already afoot in France, where food labelling is undergoing a bit of an overhaul. Manufactures will now have to state where the meat and dairy in food products originate from. From this month onwards, this labelling system will be mandatory for a trial period of two years. What does this mean for the future of food labelling and your own business?

The new rules

What changes to food labels are involved exactly? Well, ready meals, a staple for most modern families, will soon need to come with clear indication of where the meat and dairy in the dish comes from. If a meal contains more than 8% meat or 50% milk, then one of these new labels will need to be on the packaging. Additionally, only meals with 100% French dairy or meat will be allowed to be marketed as ‘produit d’origine Française’. That’s a product made from produce originating in France. So far, so simple.

What does this mean for the rest of us?

What isn’t so clear though, is what this means for food labelling across Europe. These labels show that consumers want to be more informed about what exactly is going into their food – we could see calls for greater transparency on food labels all over Europe. Remember though, that this new French legislation is in a trail phase at the moment. It’s only after it’s ended that we’re likely to know how successful it’s been and if other European countries will adopt the same approach. It is worth keeping tabs on how well it’s being received though, and if there’s an appetite for the same kind of system in the UK.

Keeping informed

Staying on the right side of regulations is vital if you’re going to keep trading successfully. It’s important to remember that different countries all have their own laws regarding food labelling. So if you’re planning to sell your produce in France, don’t fall short of what’s required. Of course, you don’t need to be selling food to be conscious of what rules you need to follow. Whatever industry you’re in, make sure that you’re fully up to date with what you need to include on your labels when selling goods outside of the UK.

Bring in the best

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