Fold Out Product Labels Provide Improved Consumer Information

Providing adequate consumer information while maintaining good design is a careful balancing act for brands, but fold out labels can offer the perfect solution.

In order to stand out on the crowded supermarket shelves, product labels need to employ a bold, simple and clear design that attracts attention and entices people to buy the product. With priority given to branding and design, there is often limited space available on product labels to include more detailed information. However, today’s consumers are savvier and more switched-on than ever and are increasingly demanding more detailed information on the products they buy.

Fold Out Labels

Fold out labels offer a perfect solution to this conundrum, enabling brands to satisfy their customers’ needs without sacrificing good design. Also known as multi-page, booklet and extended labels, fold out labels involve printing content onto a large piece of paper, folding it up and then applying to the product. This method of labelling can be very advantageous to brands, enabling them to fit more information in less space, providing increased space for branding and design, and potentially reducing label and transport costs. They also have a wide range of applications and are used throughout several different industries, from food labels to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

So, how could your business use a fold-out label?

Usage Instructions

One of the most common uses for fold out labels is to provide customers with usage instructions. This can be particularly useful for medications, cosmetics, or food products that require a complicated preparation process. Fold out labels offer an almost unlimited amount of additional labelling space, so you can be creative with how you do this, perhaps with diagrams or images rather than just instructional text.

Product Contents

The contents of your product could also be detailed in your fold out label, but we’re not just talking about a standard list of ingredients. These days, people are really interested in what goes into the products they purchase, and there is a big emphasis on ingredients and products that are ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly. So, if your ingredients or production processes fit the bill, this is the perfect place to shout about it. This is also a great opportunity to get across the personality, ethics and values of your company – vital if you want to build a long-term relationship with your customers.

Added Value

As well as enabling companies to talk in more detail about their products, fold out labels can also be used for marketing initiatives such as competitions or money-off coupons, or for cross promotion by providing information on other products within the same range. Alternatively, the space can be used to provide customers with value-added content, such as recipes or beauty tips, or to bolster your brand by giving a simple and engaging back story of your company or product.

Product labels are an essential part of the marketing process, encouraging customers to buy a particular product over its competitors. But while a good design will draw people in initially, when used wisely a fold out label can really help you to engage with and build a long-lasting connection with your customers – turning them into loyal, repeat customers for your brand.