4th February 2014 Labelnet Launch Fundraising Initiative – Update

Corporate Social Responsibility is an ever growing aspect of every business; at Labelnet we’ve recognised that often the impact of business can seem small, but sometimes, the consequences can be huge.

siyabonga staff picture In 2013, Labelnet had a unique opportunity to help a wonderful charity in South Africa called Siyabonga Multi-purpose & Telecentre.  Siyabonga are a charity who work closely with the community, educating them and helping develop their skills and careers.  They also have a special focus on the welfare of women.  Siyabonga were trying to furnish some of their classrooms with some shelving for the storage of student files. siyabonga tables requirement

You might wonder why we are working together with Siyabonga.  Mark Slattery, our Operations Director, has been associated with Siyabonga for a few years now.  Mark is responsible for ensuring that the goods our customers receive are of the high quality expected, and are delivered on time; organisational skills he used to help Siyabonga when working with them in 2006.  His ongoing interest and involvement with Siyabonga inspired us to help them to try and furnish their new classroom in time for their courses starting in Autumn 2013. siyabonga shelves requirement

For our first official CSR venture, we decided that we would make a donation for every order delivered over a period of 4 weeks to help Siyabonga get their classrooms ready in time.   The wonderful thing about helping Siyabonga is that whatever we can donate will go a long way.  As you can see from the photo it did make a huge difference and they were absolutely delighted!  The Director, Patricia Makoro kindly dropped us a note expressing her thanks (click on the image at the bottom of this page to view the entire letter).

We’re sure that you can see the value in helping an organisation like Siyabonga. If you are interested in finding out more about Siyabonga, please do get in touch with us. Find out more about Siyabonga from their website: http://siyabongamultipurpose.co.za

siyabonga letter labelnet