How To Create a Winning Food Label

Your Product Relies On It, So Don’t Cut Corners!

If you want to create a winning label for your food product, then you should always call in the professionals.

With the festive season fast approaching, the shelves are full of food products, some old and some new. To grab our attention though, they must look visually appealing. So how can you ensure that your new product makes an impact, or your existing one doesn’t lose ground to new rivals? When the product itself is encased in packaging, one thing has to step up to the task and lure in the customer – and that’s the label. So have a good look at your product label, and read through the points below to see if it’s doing a good job.

The perfect pitch

First of all, your label needs to be able to pitch your product to potential customers. So essentially, it needs to say what you would say if you were there. So think about the key values of your brand. Who is your product aimed at? What can it be used for? What is it made of? Where is it from? These can all be turned into selling points that should be included on your label – so good copy will be essential too.

Quality materials

A label needs to trigger a positive sensory response. A good label doesn’t just tempt people visually, but it should have tactile appeal too, encouraging a customer to pick it up and handle it. This means that you need to focus on using quality materials – but they also need to be ones that are right for the product. Embossing and foil effects will give your food label a luxurious feel, so are best suited to high-end culinary products. If you want to create something more rustic, go for a rougher, uncoated paper.

Strong brand identity

If your food products are part of a range, then you need to have good brand consistency. You should have a set place on a label for copy, as well as a logo. This will make your product instantly recognisable, despite any differences it may have with other foods in the range. Most brands go for identical label layouts across a range, but with a different colour for each product. Brand recognition is a vital part of building trust between you and your customer, so pay close attention to how your products all look lined up next to each other.

Let the experts take care of it

Always call in the professionals to design your custom product labels. They’ll have experience of what works and what doesn’t, and they’ll be able to tell you what kinds of labels work for your particular food product. Moving through the design process, they’ll keep you involved every step of the way. As they have the resources to print your labels quickly and in large numbers, you’ll have all the labels you need in no time at all.

A label can make or break a product

The importance of a good label can’t be underestimated, as it needs to do a lot in a very short space of time. If it doesn’t grab a customer’s attention and keep it, they’re going to move on to one of your rivals just along the shelf. So have a chat with a reputable label design company, and give your food product the finishing touch that it deserves.