Clean & Clear Labels To Dominate 2018

Key labelling trends for the coming year

Catering to consumer demand for greater transparency and more natural products, clean and clear labels are big news for 2018

Good packaging is essential to a product’s success. An effective label will help your product to stand out on the crowded supermarket shelves and promote brand recognition amongst consumers.

When it comes to creating effective labels, there are some elements that never go out of style, such as making them simple, eye-catching and memorable. However, labelling can also be trend-led, and each year we see new and different label types being adopted by manufacturers. In 2018, there are two key food labelling trends coming to the fore – clean labels and clear labels.

Clean labels

So-called ‘clean’ labels have been a growing trend for some time, but they are set to hit the mainstream in 2018. Clean labels mostly refer to the product itself, which should be all-natural with no artificial flavourings or preservatives – the perceived wisdom is ‘if you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t be eating it’. Clean labelling ties in with the recently popular ‘clean eating’ movement and caters to a growing customer desire for natural and ‘authentic’ products.

The main problem with clean labelling is a lack of clarity around the definition of ‘clean’ ingredients, which can be confusing for consumers and food producers alike. The Go Clean Label™ movement has been set up in response to this, providing accurate, accessible clean label information and certification.

Clear labels

Another big trend for 2018 is clear food labelling. Today’s consumer is time-poor and wants to be able to make purchasing decisions quickly. Clear labels cater to this by providing information that is easy to find and easy to read. There is a particular focus on making nutritional information easy to understand so that both adults and children are empowered to make healthy choices when it comes to purchasing food. The use of the ‘traffic light system’ is one good example of this.

Customers also expect transparency and honesty from brands and the clear labelling trend can also encompass information around a product’s sustainable and ethical credentials, through the use of the Fairtrade mark for example.

New trends

Alongside clean and clear labels, we expect to see some other labelling trends emerging in the coming year. Pastel colours, repeating patterns, minimalist designs, and labels inspired by film posters are all big news this year. And while vintage-style labels have been popular for some time now, but they don’t appear to be going anywhere in 2018, with many companies still appreciating the connotations of quality, tradition and authenticity offered by this style of packaging.

Before adopting any labelling trends it’s important to ensure that they are a good fit with your brand and product. Paying lip service to the clean and clear label movements without an underlying commitment, for example, could ultimately do your brand more harm than good.

As a label printing company with many years’ experience, we understand the importance of effective packaging and are able to provide a wide range of labelling solutions to help you keep up with the latest trends. So, get in touch with our friendly team today to discover how we can meet all your labelling needs in 2018.