Case Study – Mouthfull Food Company

The Mouthfull Food Company was founded by John Fackrell in 2008, beginning as just a village market stall. Driven forward by his passion for quality and tasty food, they now produce flavoursome soups and stocks sold in a variety of fresh food outlets and at several farmers’ markets.

The range of flavours produced by The Mouthfull Food Company requires numerous versions of their labels to be printed. Therefore, a solution to this problem would usually be to get these labels produced digitally to save costs on origination and time on press in constant changeovers. This is what The Mouthfull Food Company were doing, however, they were discarding a large number of labels due to being over-supplied for each product.  We offered a solution that gave control over the amount of labels produced.

Our sales and customer service representatives have expertise across the board in the printing industry and a partnership like this allows them to use that knowledge in order to provide customers with tailor-made solutions. We offered three different sizes of generic labels that The Mouthfull Foods overprint onto, creating the different versions themselves.

We worked with John and The Mouthfull Foods from the re-design of his labels through to the final application on his pots. We were able to offer guidance to the designers to produce artwork to sizes that would wrap around the pots perfectly and stand out on the shelf.

The labels were produced on a white polyethylene film with a permanent adhesive featuring excellent UV resistance and durability, important for a food product. The face material is suitable for overprinting on and can withstand very cold and very hot temperatures. In addition to this we put on a gloss blockable varnish to protect the label finish.

A trial was run to make sure that all of this would result in a successful label for The Mouthfull Foods. Once that was approved we produced the labels, which included a generic label to wrap around the pot and five different colours of a lid label and front label.

These were delivered for overprinting and the final application to the product. We assisted by providing a printer and ribbons to complete the overprinting as well as training for the Mouthfull Food staff.

Our contacts within the world of label applicators and contract packers allowed us to join forces with Premier Labellers to apply the labels to The Mouthfull Foods product for the finishing touches and an eye-catching design. We advise you to try the delicious variety of soups and stocks on offer!