Case Study – Doves Farm Foods

Doves Farm Foods are dedicated to producing goods of a high standard for people who care about the quality and healthfulness of the food they eat. In order to present a product that matched these values they had to reconsider the design of their produce.

We utilised the expert knowledge of our sales and customer service representatives to offer support and insight to Doves Farm from the enquiry stage right through to the final application of the product. To promote the high quality that Doves Farm Foods stands for they could no longer simply print directly on to their outer packaging. We went out to source a material that is luxurious both visually and to the touch.

This material, Rustique Creme is a cream, uncoated matt, wood free printing paper with a tactile appearance and feel to it. The labels were produced on a permanent adhesive and with a matt varnish providing robustness and protection to the label in the filling and application processes.

It is during the filling process and the final application that the label really becomes a success or not and it is the expert knowledge of our sales team of the application of labels which sets us apart. We work closely with applicator manufacturers and make sure we are up to date with all application technology so we can understand and advise on the application of our labels.

This was absolutely pivotal for Doves Farm Foods in selecting Labelnet as their preferred supplier. From the design stage we could help them perfect the size of the label, winding direction, core size and width and reel diameter so the labels applied smoothly on the line. We produced a trial to test on Doves Farm’s applicator to make certain our design was spot on. Not only that but we could also provide the necessary aftercare if there was an issue in the application process and quickly identify the problem.

Once certain that the reels would run smoothly on the applicator the focus was back on the design of the label. With a product like this, which is dependent on quality, every precaution must be taken to make sure the final design is accurate. Therefore, we were happy for Doves Farm Foods to visit us as we were due to go in to production for a final sign off on press. We worked together to get the desired quality of print and perfectly matching colours.

It is this meticulous attention to detail that drew Doves Farm Foods to Labelnet and vice versa. We love nothing more than to work with people who are passionate about their product and our knowledge in the printing process can assist our customers in creating a quality label at a competitive price. Our expertise in design and label application meant that we could offer solutions all the way through the process until the final product hit the shelves in all its splendour.