Case Study – Bon Bon’s

Bon Bon’s are specialists in quality and luxury confectionery that evokes the feeling of nostalgia of traditional sweet shops from days gone by. They are an independent business based in Yorkshire and their unique products are the visual centrepiece for consumers young and old in the carefully selected outlets they are sold in. All their goods are hand packed and are produced using only the highest quality ingredients from the UK and Europe.

Bon Bon’s have been a regular Labelnet customer for many years now and we love making their products as they are always of such high quality and something we are very proud of producing. However, just as every successful business must do, Bon Bon’s decided to investigate how they could reduce the costs of their labels, which led them to consider different methods of printing, specifically digital production.

This way of printing could not replicate what we were able to provide. Our capabilities, when it comes to luxury labelling, cannot be re-produced using a digital method of print. On a particular design the digital production was attempting to print a colour that we had supplied as a foil and could not provide the same affect. The result was poor and the gold came out as a sickly mustard colour in place of our luxurious gold foil.

Bon Bon’s could not accept these inferior labels to represent the values of their brand. We visited to present them with our capabilities using foiling, metallic ink or specialised materials. Based on evidence of the quality of print we could offer, Bon Bon’s were happy to restart our relationship and revert to our method of production and have been extremely happy with the results.

We expect to continue this long-standing relationship with them and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this unique company and their distinctive product range. It goes to show that when in competition with cost, quality will eventually win hands down!