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How to ensure your food labels follow a professional standard

Does Your Labelling Follow Industry Best Practice? Getting the labelling right on food products can be a complicated task, with a mixture of legal requirements and industry best practices to consider. Intuitively, we all know that labelling is a vitally important consideration for anyone in the food manufacturing or packaging sector. However, the requirements can […]

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Custom Food Label Standards You Need to Follow

Creating the right labelling is as important a part of the overall design and marketing process as creating the right product. Whether you are selling a can of soup or a laptop computer, yours might be better than all the rest, but buyers will keep walking unless the labelling convinces them that this is the product that will meet their needs.

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Can Food Labels Make Britain Healthier?

UK Adults Live “Mostly Unhealthy” Lives A recent survey says 90 percent of us have at least one unhealthy habit. Is better information the key to a healthier Britain? Recent data from the NHS’s Health Survey for England suggests that Britain is a nation of people who just don’t take their own health seriously. And […]